Morgantown Late Night Munchies

As many of you know , WVU’s nightlife is like no other, and with being a top party school, our students definitely know how to spend the late night hours at the bars… and in the restaurants on High Street.

College is the best four years of your life to pig out on greasy foods after night out or you’ve just been studying really hard. So you might ask yourself , what makes a great late night joint so great? And what makes WVU’s restaurants stand out from other schools?

With such a large population of students, 28,409 to be exact, our restaurants business is booming. When you stroll down High Street you’ll see students lined up at the most popular restaurants, LotsaMozza, Casa d’Amici , Chicos Fat, and D.P. Dough.

When you leave from frat row or a bar on High Street, all of these restaurants our significantly close to each other so theres not much traveling to do during the late night hours, which is very convenient for our students. 

Along with that, majority of these restaurants have “create your own” choices. For example, LotsaMozza is the #1 go to for WVU students because you are are able to build your own pizza within a few minutes — from the sauce to the toppings to the dressings, it’s all up to you.

Lastly, theres a variety of cuisines, like authentic Mexican food from Chico’s Fat, your italian favorites from Casa d’Amici, and everyones drunk go to…pizza from LotsaMozza.

No matter what hour of the day, or what you’re craving, High Street has all of your food needs.


The day you’ve been waiting for..

 College graduation is approaching very fast for some college seniors it’s the day they have been waiting for. For other college grads it’s the day they have been dreading and are not ready to go out into the real world. Leaving your friends and limited responsibities is not easy and not something most graduates look forward to. Although there are students who are ready to be into the “real world” and take on any challenge that comes their way.

“This goal of graduating that you’ve now achieved can help you take that next step in climbing the organizational ladder. It’s a demonstration to your kids of the importance of never giving up on your dreams.Walking across that stage to receive that diploma is no small feat. You made it.While there’s a lot that’s going on on this day of graduation, it’s a celebration and not something to be worried about. It’s a day to reflect on all that you’ve overcome and accomplished in the pursuit of your dreams. It’s an opportunity to thank those who have supported you and believed in you that you can succeed.” –Ellie Walburgh

In this post, a few things to remember for graduation day are first, your parents will probably be more excited than you. Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 12.57.01 PM.pngBetween your whole family coming up to celebrate this day because YOU FINALLY DID IT, to the amount of pictures you have to post for in your cap and gown parents and any family for that matter will be overly excited and proud of you.

Picking out a graduation outfit is a big deal. Maybe more so girls than guys but most girls need to find the perfect white dress, not to tight, not to flowy but just right. You spend all this time to find the most perfect dress but the dress is not the only thing that you have to do.

Decorating your graduation cap is a MUST,Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 12.49.00 PM it allows each student to customize their cap and make it something that represents them and what their experience will be in the future or what they have accomplished while being in college.

Whether you’re one of those students dreading this day or you have been looking forward to it since freshmen year enjoy every moment and don’t forget to CELEBRATE because you did it!!





How much does summer affect college bars income?

By: Diandra Conwell

If you go to school in a college town then you know how much local businesses rely on students for their income. Some schools are more city integrated campuses where the students aren’t the main income or people. Here in Morgantown we’re a college town. Our university is in the center of downtown and you have to pass at least one of our campuses just to get anywhere. So what do these businesses do when student go home for the summer?

High street
Credit: WV News

A majority of students here at WVU go home for break, then there are other students who stay for summer school or to work. I’ve personally been in Morgantown a couple times throughout the summer and have been out downtown and it is nowhere near as crowded as when school is in session. So that leaves me wondering what do businesses do when the summer comes along.

From what I’ve been reading most businesses are not affected when students go on break whether it’s summer or winter break. When students leave it opens up the door for the people who actually reside in the town or city. Students leaving draws in the “townies” so the atmosphere is much different. The only thing that changes might be the hours of operation. In Morgantown most of the bars are open 6-7 days a week. When we go on break they might not be open certain weekdays since the crowd who they deal with have jobs. Whereas us college students are down to go to a bar on a Monday at 6 p.m..

But when students do return to town it’s a competition between the bars to see who can draw in the biggest crowds. The bar that offers the best drink specials and no cover usually attracts the most students. So even if Morgantown bars lack some business in the summer they make up for it as soon as students return back to school. Luckily, summer break is only about 3-3 1/2 months, so it’s easy for bars to recover from their little drought.

Is the Party Ever Over? Drinking After College

By: Alexandra White

One of the biggest adjustments in your life is going to college and being on your own for the first time. You’re away from home and can do whatever you please, but with freedom comes responsibility. It’s up to you to decide how you spend your time. After you graduate from college, not only has your life changed but so have the drinking rules.

Drinking rules need to be altered throughout your life. Binge drinking on the week days like you did in college is a no go after you graduate. When you are spit into the real world, it’s okay to socialize with a few drinks on the weekends, but does the party culture really change after college?

Young adults, especially recent college graduates, often find it hard to adjust to the real world. You don’t do shots every weekend like you used to in college. Brunch is an excuse to get tipsy on a Sunday with your friends. You don’t drink five cent mixed drinks anymore but rather $10 mixed drinks and you buy your own alcohol.

Soon the class of 2019 will trade in their party days for work days. Their entire world will be different and drinking rules will be changed forever. Party culture does not actually die down after college. You will always be surrounded by peer pressure, but it’s up to you to decide how you want your life to go.

What Happened To Sunnyside?

If you have learned anything about the party culture at WVU, you know that Sunnyside used to be the #1 spot for the most outrageous parties and couch fires back in the day, and essentially gave WVU the party stereotype we hold. But due to a demand of more student housing,  Sunnyside is not what it used to be.

Up until the 1970’s, Sunnyside was adjacent to old Mountaineer Field which contributed to its reputation as the place to go party after a home football game. Rows of houses were lined up ready to rage on their porches after a WVU win.

After the football field was relocated and the drinking age changed from 18-21 in 1972, Sunnyside’s appeal definitely decreased. But thats not all that changed. In 2012, the dynamic of Sunnyside began to change when WVU announced that the heart of the neighborhood was going to be torn down and replaced by “U Place” an apartment complex. Although WVU stated this needed to be accomplished for more student housing, these plans were also set in place to dampen the “party” culture considering most of damages, like the Baylor riot took place in Sunnyside.

Many of the students, as well as alumni who lived in Sunnyside were outraged about this decision because not only were memories of their homes destroyed, but the beloved and iconic bar Mutt’s was demolished in the process. Some even stated that the closure of Mutts caused a curse on WVU athletics.

“I get up to Morgantown from time to time, (and) I enjoy walking around for the most part, but strolling around the Sunnyside area is a profoundly depressing experience for me,” Chuck Anziulewicz, a WVU alumnus who graduated in 1981.

Being a Sunnyside resident, I have seen the party spirit decrease over the years. Some students have tried “making Grant great again” by throwing block parties, the Morgantown Police quickly shut it down to ensure safety among the students and other residents.

Although Sunnyside will never quite be the same, the transformation of the neighborhood was not only necessary for the development of WVU, but also because Sunnyside homes were becoming unsafe places to live.

Change is never easy, especially to a place were years worth of memories were made. There is a Facebook group called “Remembering Sunnyside” were photos and videos are posted weekly to reminisce on the unforgettable moments made in our very own Sunnyside.

Here is a past vs present picture of my house on Sunnyside.

Balancing Nightlife & Social life

Coming to college is all about getting an education right? Well sorry parents, having a social life is also a huge part to college and most students would say it is very important to them.

This now leads me to wonder how does a student balance receiving good grades and also maintaining having a social life. At WVU it is possible to go out almost every day of the week, from Taco Tuesday, CODE Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday  and your typical Friday and Saturday.

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 6.18.40 PM

With the opportunities given how do students have time to do school work and have a social life?

If you are entering college in the fall or you did not get the hang of going out and getting good grades you’re in luck! I hope this post is able to help you be more prepared and or teach you how to be more successful.



For most college students, this is the first time most students are on there own. This article shares some really easy ways to help students manage a social life and grades.

Knowing how to manage your time is going to be super helpful in this situation. Then you’re probably wondering,  “But what if you’re horrible at managing your time right now? What if you’re the master procrastinator? Where do you start to get on track? That’s okay. At some point or another we’ve all been there, and we can tell you it’s going to be okay. Here are our do’s and dont’s for balancing your schedule.”

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 6.43.24 PM

“During their college years, many people make lifelong friendships. They experience being out on their own and get the first taste of a real, adult social life. And along with those experiences comes some mature definitions of fun, including things like parties, going out to enjoy the local nightlife and clubs, drinking alcohol for the first time, and staying up till the wee hours of morning. These can all be good, memorable – and safe – experiences, if you know how to party smart.”

Having a social life and keeping up on academics is not impossible as hopefully now you know. It does take time to understand how college works and getting to know how yourself works the best!

If anyone has any questions or anything they would like to share tweet me @VictoriaDonat3

Does warmer weather mean more crime in Morgantown?

By: Diandra Conwell

As the weather gets warmer we start to see students flock to day drinks and parties. Whereas when it was cold the streets of Morgantown were a ghost town. Since the weather has become warmer we’ve seen an incline in how much partying is happening here at WVU. But, do you wonder if this effects the crime rates in Morgantown? Whether it’s student crime or the citizens of Morgantown committing these crimes.

I wanted to see if there was any correlation between warmer weather and crime. The University Police Department has a website that’ll show you every crime in the last 90 days and let me tell you that list is long. Now keep in mind this is only the list of crimes that the UPD has responded to. This doesn’t put into account the other police departments we have in Morgantown.

In the month of April I saw a lot of crimes that had to do with being intoxicated. They ranged from DUI, ABCC violation, to EMS being called which usually means there’s an overly intoxicated student who needs medical attention. It doesn’t necessarily say if there is an increase in crime from winter to spring, but if you scroll through each month you will see more alcohol related crimes then in the winter months. The UPD is always tweeting about safety especially when it’s related to cars and driving under the influence.

Another aspect to look at is April is sexual assault awareness month. The UPD has been promoting this all month long in hopes to prevent this from happening or help victims come forward. It would be interesting to see if sexual assault is higher in the warmer months since more students are out drinking on a daily basis. While there is no definitive answer to these questions I think it’s safe to assume that crime rates are higher in the warmer months due to various reasons. There are more students out drinking, more parties, more drunk kids walking around making them easy targets and their own worst enemy.